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CryptoDamus has AKA @AstroCryptoGuru on Twitter is the leader in financial astrology for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Over the past four years he has been bringing the power of financial astrology to understand and track Bitcoin price trends. The results have been impressive and we have called many rally periods, and many major market declines, weeks or months in advance. In Jan 2018 he started a subscription newsletter called the AstroCrypto Report and is now publishing it on Substack. He has been published in The Mountain Astrologer, was featured guest on The Astrology Podcast, and will be a featured speaker at ISAR 2021.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or long term investor you will find his Unique Astro TA system helpful and insightful.

*Please note I am not a financial advisor, this report should not be taken as financial, investment or trading advice. Bitcoin is a volatile, high risk asset, The author assumes no responsibility or liability for your investment decisions or any financial gains or losses based on the information in this report. Do your own research, technical analysis and due diligence before trading or investing in Bitcoin or any other assets !

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Using the ancient art of financial astrology to study high tech finance & Bitcoin


Crypto Damus

For the last four years CryptoDamus has been bringing the power of financial astrology to understand and track Bitcoin Price trends