Live Quarter 4 Financial Astrology Forecast Seminar for #BTC and #ETH and select #ALT Coins

Astro TA for BTC, ETH and select ALTs like ADA Solana and SHIBA

Live Quarter 4 Financial Astrology Forecast Seminar for #BTC and #ETH and select #ALT Coins

Just a friendly reminder about our Q4 Livestream seminar one week from today 

Guys we are launching a live Quarter 4 Financial Astrology Forecast Seminar for #BTC and #ETH and select #ALT Coins  such as ADA, Solana, CRV, Link and SHIBA 

How long does this rally last ?  When is the next major correction ?   

Saturday Nov 6 at 10am-1pm  $125  


*Stay tuned for our detailed November Forecast report which will go out early next week !

#BTC Moon Phase Analytics Update: Areis Full Moon

Hi Folks, celebrate breaking 20k Followers on Twitter this week I am dropping a free BTC Update for you today !

Despite a few minor missed calls we have been spot on since July. In fact we called both the September sell off and the October rally. 

Here's our call from the Paid September Forecast report sent Sept 2

"September is historically a poor month for BTC and the only month with an average net loss, we look at September as a possible consolidation after the big moves of July- August. If their is a sideways consolidation or 5-15% pullback, we look at this as an ideal opportunity to add to positions.  If BTC should defy this expectation and rally in SEPT all the BETTER, we are OK with that too !

Then in October Jupiter will make a very favorable conjunction to BTC Neptune as Uranus trines BTC Sun for the 2nd time this year. This is a "double favorable" transit picture possibly making OCT one of the most favorable months for BTC in 2021. Regardless of SEPT, We project a strong bull market trend rally continues in OCT for BTC. "

We nailed both the Sept/Oct calls and it's pretty hard to do better than that ! We hope you are happy with our analysis. 

Today let's take a look at the current Moon Phase analytics. 

The Moon phase has been an interesting correlation for BTC and there is a lot of interest in this, in fact "respect the rock" has become a meme on Crypto Twitter ! Generally in 2021we have seen BTC make Full Moon bottoms followed by New Moon tops, although there have been a few exceptions. So the Full to New Moon phase has been more favorable and more bullish, while the New to Full Moon phase has been less favorable and bearish. 

In 7/9 cases the Full Moon to New Moon was more favorable and the Full Moon acted as a bullish pivot to higher highs. The only exceptions were the Summer Full Moons with Jupiter in Pisces. 

The Next Full Moon is tomorrow Oct 20 marked with a blue line and blue arrow, followed by the next New Moon Nov 4 marked with a blue line

However I correctly predicted that would not be the case in the recent October Moon phase as the transits in the BTC chart have been so bullish, and BTC made higher highs. 

Now we have the Full Moon tomorrow morning Oct 20, so it will be interesting to see if the Full Moon once again acts as a bullish pivot up to new highs, and the more favorable and Bullish Full Moon Oct 20 to New Moon Nov 4 cycle remains more bullish. Areis is a confident, dynamic and aggressive sign that indicates a big move could come. The bullish Jupiter and Uranus and Mars aspects and transits over the next 2 weeks seem to indicate it will remain quite bullish at least through the NOV 4 New Moon. Also please see my detailed Aries Full Moon update from yesterday. 

Big picture overall many separate indications and signals remain bullish. Weekly technicals and On Chain metrics remain quite bullish, Google searches for BTC remain quite low which indicates really market FOMO has not really begun. 

However there are some short term concerns as daily technicals are very high and BTC is entering over leveraged conditions, typical conditions preceding a short term correction

Bitcoin Google searches, which spiked earlier in the year, and typically spike as BTC approaches cycle high points, remain at the very low end of the range. A very favorable signal. 

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